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How you can harness creativity to attract more people to your event – the power of the SENSES

An earlier post – about how to appeal to more senses.

I Wanna Be Creative!

How YOU can creatively hook attention for your next event.

I was brought in for my media and communication expertise to help with a very important ART EXHIBITION that wanted attention.

The Client needed to hook media attention to spread the message and to hook audience attention through other ways too.

(now this is NOT one of the exhibits – but later you’ll read how this artist inspired a fun dish!)

My advice:

  1. Go broader than just paintings on a wall. Don’t just make it an Art show – make it a celebration of creativity
  2. Focus on audience benefits. What will your audience gain from this? What will they be able to DO. Doing words are verbs – use lots of verbs in your promotional copy
  3. Have some FUN with this – inject some fun
  4. Appeal to other senses – think of all the senses and make sure you are…

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How you can create an effective business name

I Wanna Be Creative!

A sign for this business caught my eye as I drove past its Kenmore “branch”.

The sign actually only said COZmedics (not the explanation underneath)

In my opinion the name COZmedics  is: catchy, memorable, intriguing,  and ripe with meaning.

What clues does the name give you about this business?

For me, without ever having heard of the business before, this creative name suggested it’s about cosmetics – but cosmetics with some medical value.

Cosmetics + medical = Cosmedics.

Even more, the OZ in the name– suggests some Australian angle.

And sure enough when I checked out what the business actually did – it’s the Australian Cosmetic Medical group.

I’m not connected with COZmedics in any way – and I’m just using the example as a creative name.

It’s interesting – some people (like me) will be impressed by the creativity. Others will think it’s corny or gimmicky.

One of my…

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#Creativity as a #Cure-ator for Cure fans

Sometimes your artistic ‘talent’ is curating the talents of others – or with this Cure-inspired project, being a Cure-ator.

Cure show Slide1 copy

I have a passion for music and a little bit of musical skill spread thinly over several instruments.

Lots of my friends are super-talented visual artists and many are, as I am, big fans of the music of Robert Smith and The Cure.

So, I’m putting together a show that’s a combination of:

  1. different Cure-inspired works of art – and Cure-ios like my special Boys Don’t Dry tea towel
  2. performances of Cure songs (performed in ways deliberately different from the originals)…and
  3. stories about the Cure and pop culture (Cure humour and cultural impact)…yes the Cure is not all about dark and gloomy Goth music.

cure 9e1bc6bbf96b60706eccc797307cf01e

'Apparently they're better than The Cure.'

This is not a tribute show about trying to look like Robert Smith or to reproduce Cure songs note for note.

It’s a ‘compact’ show designed to be taken on the road – especially to different places around Australia and the world.

It’s amazing where you find pockets of fans of The Cure – and Cure tribute bands – in places like Texas and lesser known European cities.

cure trib 1

Can you help with a good name that describes the type of combined (music and art) show this is?

Lots of good names have already been taken – but that’s not necessarily a problem if the other (voices) projects are in different countries.

obsCURE cure 1

I’ll let you know about the progress of the project – including how the works of art are progressing.

#Soapranos laundromat – What’s the best #pun business name you’ve ever seen?

An earlier post about Soap-ranos!

I Wanna Be Creative!

What’s the best #pun business name you’ve ever seen?


Are you familiar with the book and  movies The Lord of the Flies?

Lord-of-the-flies book

That  book was part of my childhood – as it was for hundreds, probably thousands of kids around the world.

Maybe that’s why I loved these puns on the name.

1. Lord of the Fries – a food shop that sold fries of course amongst other things!

2. Lord of the Files – a business that helps you organise your filing

pun pulp friction

I love this Juice shop name too. Yes, I’m a sign nerd who snaps photos of names I find amusing.

As a friend reminded me, in an Australian TV comedy about small businesses – there was a business (fictional I think) called King of the Juice.

Get it?

I love puns. I can’t help myself enjoying other people’s puns and wordplay.

As I travel the world on training…

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Accidental #creativity of #gotgeoud words

Sometimes gotgeoud things are created by accident. Do YOU know what gotgeoud means?

got 18198464_10210800512382028_6351963787293460388_n

Neither did I! A friend who loves collecting and using words from other languages used gotgeound in a message and was curious and so I looked it up to try to find its origin.

It turns out the word was a typo – and she meant to write GORGEOUS.



My friend hit the T key instead of the R and the D instead of the S – and yet, in my opinion the word GOTGEOUD is a beautiful accident. To me it looks good and sounds good – or rather it sounds GOTGEOUD.

I thought the word sounds like some Scandinavian word- and to me GOT GEOUD ‘suggested’  – it meant something like GOD GIVEN in a similar way the name DARTH VADER suggested DARK FATHER. (You know how even if you don’t know a word – you get a ‘feel’ for its meaning from the way it sounds.

GOTGEOUD – sounds like something that is gorgeous and beautiful naturally – like some Scandanavian forest.

It seems writing gotgeoud is a common typo – from people who mean to write gorgeous.

got 18157833_10210800510621984_769144616285010997_n

Many of my creative friends love creating new words and expressions and we are going to use GOTGEOUD regularly. So if you see GOTGEOUD you’ll know what it means and the happy accident behind the creation of the word.

A creative way to teach geography and maths

I Wanna Be Creative!

Don’t worry! This photo is not really on Sydney Harbour – it was at a police exhibition. Looks cool ‘though!

This I Wanna Be Creative project is one of the best things I have ever done – especially in bonding with and encouraging my 8-year-old son Orlando.

Orlando is now so engrossed in “our” project that he now suggests stuff for me to write about and every night he wants to check out the WordPress statistics to see where people are viewing “our” blog.

(This image is not the stats to our blog – I’m just showing what the colourful map and flags look like.)

It’s so cool that he is so engrossed and maybe I’m just a big learning nerd but I harness his enthusiasm to teach him other things like maths and geography (Yes, I know I am a learning nerd – or as Orlando would say “Daddy…

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How to get Big ideas by game-storming

An earlier post. My boy is BIGger than when this was written. Still a BIG fan of BIG and Hanks!

I Wanna Be Creative!

How to get Big ideas by game-storming



You can create Big ideas by playing fun creative games and coming up with lots of inventive new ideas. I think I just invented a new word for this – Game-storming.

Now many creative minds play creative games and chances are another game-storming session somewhere in the world has also come up with the term game-storming based on the concept of brainstorming. (more on this at the end of post!)

One of the main rules of Brainstorming and Game-storming is don’t reject ideas at the start.  Suspend Judgement! The culling can come later in an assessment stage. So after I’ve written this piece I will check the internet to see if game-storming already exists and I’ll let you know.

In previous posts I’ve shared how I drive my son a long way across town from where we live to…

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A creative way to make ‘boring’ products more interesting – Part 1/2

Here’s an interesting way to make non-exciting (and even ‘boring’) products more interesting.

The other day I walked into a shop selling something that I had no interest in – however  I really admired how the business owners ‘got me into the shop’ and ‘curious’ about the product.

It was these creative and colourful visual displays that caught my attention and ‘got me curious”.


I like to analyse what gets my attention – and in this case it was an outline that reminded me of a Keith Haring image and a colourful ‘pyramid’ of toilet rolls.

Then I saw lots of bright and bold signage for FBI – so I was curious and wanted to find out more – what was this place?



The place sold cleaning products – but the presentation was (in my opinion) far more interesting.

In this case, FBI stood for Fuller Brush Industries – a cleaning products giant from the US. It started out as the Fuller Brush Company and eventually became Fuller Industries.

Fuller Contract-Sales-Catalog_Page_01

This Australian operation – called itself FBI (Fuller Brush Industries) and ‘themed’ the shop around Grime Scene Investigators – and of course that prompted the body outline at the entrances (which I mistook for a Keith Haring-type image).

Anyway, my point is:  you can make your potentially non-interesting products more interesting with a bit of creative thinking. I understand some customers often just want to buy products as cheaply as possible – however this creative theming certainly made FBI more memorable.

Here’s my break-down of how you can be more creative

  1. Think of how you can link to a more interesting operation name.
  2. Think of how you can ‘develop and extend a theme’ through visuals (the body outline image) and the pun (Grime Scene Investigators).
  3. Dare to have some fun.
  4. Take the effort with any window display and in this case the doorway display to get attention.

I have no connection with FBI – other than being lured into their shop and admiring their creativity.

One of my creative endeavours is to help businesses make their offerings more exciting and memorable to customers. I’ve helped clients make insurance more interesting and visual – and even wills and estates.


In Part 2, I’ll share some of the creative tricks of the trade ‘old’ Mad Men style advertising used to make ‘boring’ products like cleaning products far more interesting. What else are you ‘selling’ besides a cleaning product? Instead of ‘selling features’ – ‘sell benefits’. As well as benefits, ‘sell’ feelings!

RCP 6a00d83451ccbc69e2019104d3698c970c

How necessity is the mother of #creativity AND creative #invention

Here’s how ‘problems’ can force you to create new things – especially new sounds in music.

TWS simpsons-thewhitestripes

I play in a 3-piece band – Eugene & The Egg – but our bass player who runs his own business has been extra busy with work in the clean-up after storm damage and flooding from Cyclone Debbie.

egg 2

Last year, when I was ultra busy as a Deputy News Director at a TV station, I had to not turn up for gigs and Rene (the bass player) and Eugene (guitarist/main vocalist) had to play as a duo.

Now Eugene and I are preparing to be able to perform as in a guitar-drums duo in the style of one of my favourite groups The White Stripes.  Jack White is one of my favourite creative people who seems to thrive on doing things differently and having to adapt to different circumstances. The fact that they were a duo made them different to other groups and gave them a very different sound.

TWS bbcs-top-of-the-pops-february-21-2002

As you may know, The White Stripes (who stopped playing in 2011)  forged a distinctive style – simple thumping drums (heavy on kick drum and floor tom) and very simple yet effective guitar. To me, the real power of The White Stripes is when they play simple accents together – portrayed hilariously by The Simpsons.

So Eugene and I  are adapting our style (for the duo combination) to be able to fill out the sound (when there’s no bass guitarist). It’s a real joy to take some well-known songs (like “White Rabbit”  and be forced do play them in a different style (heavy on the floor tom with simpler accents).

White Rabbitt b4547079aa447bb2e8fddcbd6fc55a3

And I’m betting the new combination will force us to write new originals in a new style to fit the ‘constraints’ and strengths of the combo. Maybe, we’ll call our very different version of White Rabbit – Jack White Rabbit or the White Striped Rabbit!

An Egg-ceptional creative find today!

It’s wonderful when you find a goldmine of inspiration and creativity –  and it all started with a routine reminder from LinkedIN about a connection celebrating a work anniversary at The Egg-tober Foundation which raises funds for gynaecological cancers.


Now the reason I was egg-cited about finding out about EGG-tober is: I play in a band called Eugene & the Egg and we sometimes use egg puns – some say the puns are egg-scrutiating.


egg 0002437239_10


The LinkedIn reminder about EGG-tober promoted me to google to find out more about EGG-tober which helped me find out about a big event called EGG-toberfest – held in Egg-tober in Atlanta in the US.eggtober

It’s a big cooking festival featuring US cookers called Green Eggs.

green eggs BGE-Family-of-Sizes

In checking out the site I found all sorts of egg puns – like EGG-cessoriess and EGG-



These puns will come in handy when creating our band EGG events and selling our merch we will now call EGG-sessories.


Egg compile


We should even do a Hendrix cover – are you EGG-sperienced!


And to think this EGG hunt all started with a reminder from the very business-like and ‘sober’ LinkedIN!  I’ll tell the other guys in the band, I’m sure they’ll be EGG-static.