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The Phil-osophy of I Wanna Be Creative

This project was inspired by how my son Orlando and I love music, wordplay, and the childlike creativity and fun of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

Imagine  learning how to be more creative  with the unbridled fun of Phil to a rocking soundtrack of The Ramones (instead of Phil’s favourite music Hall & Oates)

Some of my friends find the Phil Dunphy character annoying and an immature idiot – but I love him.

My son loves him and the way Phil works so hard to be a cool dad!  I love how the Phil Dunphy is so proud of his “inventions” and inventiveness – even when his ideas are so “bad”.  He  has a  free and childlike creativity and always seems to be creating new words or expressions.

I’m a proud dad and I try to be a “cool dad” (like Phil Dunphy) but I’m more into The Ramones than Hall & Oates and The Captain & Tenille (like Phil is). Hence – I Wanna Be Creative!

I’m a communication consultant and writing trainer and (amongst other things) I help organisations boost their creativity and build the confidence of their people to “be creative”.

My son Orlando goes to a school on the other side of town from where we live. This wonderful school suits better suits his learning needs so we spend a lot of time driving… and talking and laughing  and having fun  – and playing creativity games. Drive Time has become Thrive Time!

We’ve turned all that driving into a fun experience – and you’re welcome to join us for the ride celebrating creativityword play and the spirit of Phil Dunphy.

Yes, My dad could be creative too with his photography! That’s me in the photo – before I got buff! What a little Harry Highpants in that photo!
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