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How ‘removing’ – can help you get things done and boost your #productivity and #creativity

July 7, 2017

A friend who is a successful thriller writer (and a fellow fan of James Bond author Ian Fleming) sent me a wonderful and helpful article of Fleming’s advice on his writing rituals and how he created the right environment to write his books.

sirenia typewriter IMG_0947

Fleming was very self-deprecating about his own writing style – but was firm in his instruction on how to get things done and to ‘produce’ novels.

The two key points I draw from reading Fleming’s “How To Write a Thriller” (1962) can be summed up in one word – Remove.

1. Remove yourself from your normal life and distractions and
2. Remove your inner critic – write quickly without looking back and then edit your work

I find this valuable advice as one of my current writing projects is helping promote an island escape called Sirenia where business executives and writers can ‘remove themselves’ from their normal  work and lives and work on and complete their projects

sirenia MG_9939

Fleming’s advice was to remove yourself as far as possible from your usual ‘life’ and distractions. Fleming had his Goldeneye ‘hideaway’ built on the north shore of Jamaica and each year he escaped there for around two months of the bitter English winter. He wrote a novel each trip.

Fleming was a stickler for a routine that enabled him to write ‘fast and with application’.

In an earlier post, I wrote about Fleming’s routine that combined the joys of his sunny seaside retreat with productive solitude.

In this post, I share more about Fleming’s secrets to ‘writing fast’ with forward motion – from His How to Write a Thriller advice.

“I never correct anything and I never look back at what I have written, except to the foot of the last page to see where I have got to. If you once look back, you are lost. How could you have written this drivel? How could you have used “terrible” six times on one page? And so forth.

If you interrupt the writing of fast narrative with too much introspection and self-criticism, you will be lucky if you write 500 words a day and you will be disgusted with them into the bargain.”

By following his ritual every day, Fleming was able to pump out 2000 words a day and finish a book in 6 weeks.

At Sirenia, we make sure we have what business executives and writers need to get their tasks done. If you are inspired by the Ian Fleming ‘Golden Eye’ escape experience you can enjoy:
1. the seaside beach and sea environment
2. rooms and spaces for solitude where you can work without interruption or distraction
3. high-speed wi-fi if you need it – plus other ‘tools’ writers and creative types use (like appropriate inspiring and energising music)

We understand what business executives and writers need in terms of equipment and accessories and we’ve made sure we provide them.

Here’s a link to the earlier post about Fleming:


how a secluded sun and sea retreat can help you achieve you goals


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