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How a secluded ‘sun and sea’ retreat like Sirenia can help you achieve your #creativity goals

June 17, 2017

If you have a creative project you need to finish, you can learn from the writing discipline of Ian Fleming (the author of the Jame Bond books).


Fleming wrote more than 12 novels during 12 stays at his glorious estate escape ‘Golden Eye’ he had built in Jamaica. I used to think the beauty and temptations of such a setting would have been too distracting – until I learned about Fleming’s daily routine and discipline that combined a powerful combination of ‘pleasures’ and productivity.

Swim and breakfast

Fleming is said to have been a man of routine and habit. Yet, he also enjoyed the pleasures of life including the sea and sun.

He would start each day with a refreshing swim in the Carribean in front of his Golden Eye estate. The he would enjoy a leisurely breakfast – often including scrambled eggs. (Fleming infused the James Bond character with many of his personal preferences – including a love of scrambled eggs.)

Morning writing

After his day’s start of a swim and breakfast, Fleming would ‘lock himself away’ for three hours to write – often producing at least 2000 a day. Like many effective and productive writers, he focussed on just producing the words and ideas – not worrying too much about ‘the quality’. He’d just ‘pour it out on paper’ and tidy up and refine his writing in a different stage.

Sun and sea and lunch

Fleming would then break to enjoy the sun and sea with his wife Ann – often including some sunbathing. Then, a spot of lunch and an afternoon nap.

After a refreshing sleep, Fleming would dedicate an hour to review his work of the morning and make any improvements and corrections and then put away his work of the day and be ready for his evening drink.

With this daily routine he was able to produce a new novel in around 12 weeks.

typewriter 16707344_10210096428580373_5437494309432401342_o

The reason I’m so fascinated in Fleming’s writing ritutals at his Carribean retreat is I am helping ‘promote’ an island retreat in Queensland. Sirenia Retreat is aimed at executives seeking an escape and creative types like writers wanting a productive and inspiring space to kick-start or complete their projects.

Now, being the true and dedicated professional I am, I will soon personally test the sun and sea and sunsets and the writing spaces at Sirenia.

I am blessed to make many writer friends around Australia and the world and they have been helping me with their input in what helps writers achieve their creative goals. The above photo of the typewriter and Hemingway quote is from a writer friend’s house and it inspired me to buy a vintage typewriter for Sirenia. (I’m loving this project!)

sirenia typewriter IMG_0947

When working on business projects and business writing projects, I usually remove myself from distractions and temptation (I get easily distracted and diverted) – but I am heartened by how Fleming combined work and enjoyment of the Golden Eye setting. I’m looking forward to testing the Fleming techniques at Sirenia soon.


If you know of any interesting writing rituals please let me know. I’m also studying Hemingway’s rituals. He also often enjoyed seaside/island settings and would write in the morning and edit/improve in the afternoons.


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