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#creativity – take advantage of happy accidents that seem to fit together

May 20, 2017

When you create something – I encourage you to take advantage of ‘happy accidents’ – mistakes you make that seem to fit together in an unexpected way.

Here’s an example of a ‘happy accident’ I’ll be using in a creative project. By happy accident I mean, as the urban dictionary describes it: when something unexpectedly good comes from what would otherwise be considered a mishap.

Here’s what happened.

cure other voices 1

I was learning to play the ominous bass line from an old song by The Cure called “Other Voices’ and I got the lyrics mixed up with a different song.

A line from ‘Other Voices’ refers to Christmas  (Come around at Christmas..I’d really like to see you) and by mistake I started singing a different line about Christmas from a very different Cure song called ‘Let’s go to Bed’.…’laughing at the Christmas lights…you remember from December’

cure let's go to bed TS_Mens_Black_The_Cure_Lets_Go_To_Bed_T_Shirt_from_Amplified_19_99_Print-617-662

Anyway, the wrong lyrics fitted well and the ominous bass line gave the “Let’s Go To Bed” lyrics a darker feel –  and so created something new.

So this mistake is ‘a keeper’ for this project celebrating the Cure in music and in art.

Cure show Slide1 copy

Does it matter if I mix things up a bit and sing the ‘wrong lyrics? Well, I don’t care if you don’t!


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