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How you can create an effective business name

May 18, 2017

I Wanna Be Creative!

A sign for this business caught my eye as I drove past its Kenmore “branch”.

The sign actually only said COZmedics (not the explanation underneath)

In my opinion the name COZmedics  is: catchy, memorable, intriguing,  and ripe with meaning.

What clues does the name give you about this business?

For me, without ever having heard of the business before, this creative name suggested it’s about cosmetics – but cosmetics with some medical value.

Cosmetics + medical = Cosmedics.

Even more, the OZ in the name– suggests some Australian angle.

And sure enough when I checked out what the business actually did – it’s the Australian Cosmetic Medical group.

I’m not connected with COZmedics in any way – and I’m just using the example as a creative name.

It’s interesting – some people (like me) will be impressed by the creativity. Others will think it’s corny or gimmicky.

One of my…

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