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Accidental #creativity of #gotgeoud words

April 28, 2017

Sometimes gotgeoud things are created by accident. Do YOU know what gotgeoud means?

got 18198464_10210800512382028_6351963787293460388_n

Neither did I! A friend who loves collecting and using words from other languages used gotgeound in a message and was curious and so I looked it up to try to find its origin.

It turns out the word was a typo – and she meant to write GORGEOUS.



My friend hit the T key instead of the R and the D instead of the S – and yet, in my opinion the word GOTGEOUD is a beautiful accident. To me it looks good and sounds good – or rather it sounds GOTGEOUD.

I thought the word sounds like some Scandinavian word- and to me GOT GEOUD ‘suggested’  – it meant something like GOD GIVEN in a similar way the name DARTH VADER suggested DARK FATHER. (You know how even if you don’t know a word – you get a ‘feel’ for its meaning from the way it sounds.

GOTGEOUD – sounds like something that is gorgeous and beautiful naturally – like some Scandanavian forest.

It seems writing gotgeoud is a common typo – from people who mean to write gorgeous.

got 18157833_10210800510621984_769144616285010997_n

Many of my creative friends love creating new words and expressions and we are going to use GOTGEOUD regularly. So if you see GOTGEOUD you’ll know what it means and the happy accident behind the creation of the word.


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