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How to get Big ideas by game-storming

April 10, 2017

An earlier post. My boy is BIGger than when this was written. Still a BIG fan of BIG and Hanks!

I Wanna Be Creative!

How to get Big ideas by game-storming



You can create Big ideas by playing fun creative games and coming up with lots of inventive new ideas. I think I just invented a new word for this – Game-storming.

Now many creative minds play creative games and chances are another game-storming session somewhere in the world has also come up with the term game-storming based on the concept of brainstorming. (more on this at the end of post!)

One of the main rules of Brainstorming and Game-storming is don’t reject ideas at the start.  Suspend Judgement! The culling can come later in an assessment stage. So after I’ve written this piece I will check the internet to see if game-storming already exists and I’ll let you know.

In previous posts I’ve shared how I drive my son a long way across town from where we live to…

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