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A creative way to make ‘boring’ products more interesting – Part 1/2

April 9, 2017

Here’s an interesting way to make non-exciting (and even ‘boring’) products more interesting.

The other day I walked into a shop selling something that I had no interest in – however  I really admired how the business owners ‘got me into the shop’ and ‘curious’ about the product.

It was these creative and colourful visual displays that caught my attention and ‘got me curious”.


I like to analyse what gets my attention – and in this case it was an outline that reminded me of a Keith Haring image and a colourful ‘pyramid’ of toilet rolls.

Then I saw lots of bright and bold signage for FBI – so I was curious and wanted to find out more – what was this place?



The place sold cleaning products – but the presentation was (in my opinion) far more interesting.

In this case, FBI stood for Fuller Brush Industries – a cleaning products giant from the US. It started out as the Fuller Brush Company and eventually became Fuller Industries.

Fuller Contract-Sales-Catalog_Page_01

This Australian operation – called itself FBI (Fuller Brush Industries) and ‘themed’ the shop around Grime Scene Investigators – and of course that prompted the body outline at the entrances (which I mistook for a Keith Haring-type image).

Anyway, my point is:  you can make your potentially non-interesting products more interesting with a bit of creative thinking. I understand some customers often just want to buy products as cheaply as possible – however this creative theming certainly made FBI more memorable.

Here’s my break-down of how you can be more creative

  1. Think of how you can link to a more interesting operation name.
  2. Think of how you can ‘develop and extend a theme’ through visuals (the body outline image) and the pun (Grime Scene Investigators).
  3. Dare to have some fun.
  4. Take the effort with any window display and in this case the doorway display to get attention.

I have no connection with FBI – other than being lured into their shop and admiring their creativity.

One of my creative endeavours is to help businesses make their offerings more exciting and memorable to customers. I’ve helped clients make insurance more interesting and visual – and even wills and estates.


In Part 2, I’ll share some of the creative tricks of the trade ‘old’ Mad Men style advertising used to make ‘boring’ products like cleaning products far more interesting. What else are you ‘selling’ besides a cleaning product? Instead of ‘selling features’ – ‘sell benefits’. As well as benefits, ‘sell’ feelings!

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