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How necessity is the mother of #creativity AND creative #invention

April 6, 2017

Here’s how ‘problems’ can force you to create new things – especially new sounds in music.

TWS simpsons-thewhitestripes

I play in a 3-piece band – Eugene & The Egg – but our bass player who runs his own business has been extra busy with work in the clean-up after storm damage and flooding from Cyclone Debbie.

egg 2

Last year, when I was ultra busy as a Deputy News Director at a TV station, I had to not turn up for gigs and Rene (the bass player) and Eugene (guitarist/main vocalist) had to play as a duo.

Now Eugene and I are preparing to be able to perform as in a guitar-drums duo in the style of one of my favourite groups The White Stripes.  Jack White is one of my favourite creative people who seems to thrive on doing things differently and having to adapt to different circumstances. The fact that they were a duo made them different to other groups and gave them a very different sound.

TWS bbcs-top-of-the-pops-february-21-2002

As you may know, The White Stripes (who stopped playing in 2011)  forged a distinctive style – simple thumping drums (heavy on kick drum and floor tom) and very simple yet effective guitar. To me, the real power of The White Stripes is when they play simple accents together – portrayed hilariously by The Simpsons.

So Eugene and I  are adapting our style (for the duo combination) to be able to fill out the sound (when there’s no bass guitarist). It’s a real joy to take some well-known songs (like “White Rabbit”  and be forced do play them in a different style (heavy on the floor tom with simpler accents).

White Rabbitt b4547079aa447bb2e8fddcbd6fc55a3

And I’m betting the new combination will force us to write new originals in a new style to fit the ‘constraints’ and strengths of the combo. Maybe, we’ll call our very different version of White Rabbit – Jack White Rabbit or the White Striped Rabbit!


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