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An Egg-ceptional creative find today!

April 5, 2017

It’s wonderful when you find a goldmine of inspiration and creativity –  and it all started with a routine reminder from LinkedIN about a connection celebrating a work anniversary at The Egg-tober Foundation which raises funds for gynaecological cancers.


Now the reason I was egg-cited about finding out about EGG-tober is: I play in a band called Eugene & the Egg and we sometimes use egg puns – some say the puns are egg-scrutiating.


egg 0002437239_10


The LinkedIn reminder about EGG-tober promoted me to google to find out more about EGG-tober which helped me find out about a big event called EGG-toberfest – held in Egg-tober in Atlanta in the US.eggtober

It’s a big cooking festival featuring US cookers called Green Eggs.

green eggs BGE-Family-of-Sizes

In checking out the site I found all sorts of egg puns – like EGG-cessoriess and EGG-



These puns will come in handy when creating our band EGG events and selling our merch we will now call EGG-sessories.


Egg compile


We should even do a Hendrix cover – are you EGG-sperienced!


And to think this EGG hunt all started with a reminder from the very business-like and ‘sober’ LinkedIN!  I’ll tell the other guys in the band, I’m sure they’ll be EGG-static.


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