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Frankenstorm, Romnesia – How to create new words that hook attention and get spread by others

March 26, 2017

Storms and frankenstorms and stormageddon on my mind this morning – with a big one brewing to the north!

I Wanna Be Creative!

All morning I’ve been hearing the word Frankenstorm to describe the monster storm heading towards New York.

It’s a clever word combination – joined together with the common letters ST – common to FranskSTein and STorm. It’s a fresh and  dramatic and economical way of describing a monster storm.

I don’t know who first coined the expression – but every radio news bulletin I’ve heard today has appropriated or quoted that word.

A couple of weeks ago I kept hearing about Romneysia – a clever combination of Romney and Amnesia – the two words seem to fit together well due to the common mney sound and the assonance of O-mney and A-mney.

Once again it seemed media everywhere (even in Australia) took up using the word with great glee – because it was fresh and seemed clever.

In politics, all sides use clever wordplay to attack…

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