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Event presenting and hosting Tips: some “dramatic” ways to get audience’s attention

March 21, 2017

An earlier post about creative and ‘dramatic’ ways to keep your audience’s attention at events.So many of the techniques I use in my corporate work are things drama friends and teachers taught me.


If you are ever called upon to present at or host an event or make an announcement – do you find it hard to get an audience to pay attention? The audience just keeps talking!

If you organise an event – do you get frustrated that people are not listening to important information OR “instructions”?

Some times you have to be “dramatic” to get attention!

T and H hosting funraiser

It’s a common challenge –  and often the presenters or hosts just read their list or scripts – knowing that their information is being ignored.

Getting attention is a challenge – and I’ll share some tips you can use. I learned these tips from recently co-hosting a fundraiser in Sydney – and working with a wonderful “character co-host”.

We added a bit of drama and dramatic devices to the event. The co-hosting dynamic with a colourful character worked far better than other gigs where I…

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