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How to be a more effective writer with #Writing Rituals – or #Writuals

December 15, 2016

doubleshot media

When you want to be a better writer – Writuals can help you.

word nerd CU

This morning I mis-typed rituals and started the word with a W – so I typed it as Writuals.

Then I thought – I can use this “mistake”. The words Write and Ritual – fit together well to create Writual.

Maybe some creative person has coined the term before. My “creation” this morning was a happy accident!

Anyway, back to Writing Rituals (or Writuals!)

A law school colleague sent me a link to a US writer/blogger he admires – James Clear.

Link at the end of this post if you are interested.

I really like James’s writing style. His style is  engaging and encouraging and easy-to-read and (even better) easy-to-apply!

James writes about how he found writing a challenge!  He became better at it by sticking to “systems” rather than goals. He systematically writes

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