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Creating creative photos – combine similarity + contrast

December 8, 2015

This post was inspired by the amusing photos of US photographer Brock Davis.




I encourage my son to express himself through photography and today I’m giving my son two easy tips inspired by Brock’s work.


Here’s one of my boy’s photos from on top of the Empire State Building.O photo empire state

The easy-to-remember “formula” involves combining things that have similarity + contrast.


Let’s look at another great Brock photo.

brock davis heelYou can see that the icecream cone looks similar to the heel on a high-heel shoe. Yet there is also an “edgy contrast“.

Whereas the heel is designed to be solid and stable (well a stable as a high heel can be!) – the icecream cone is squishy and soft. Plus you’ll note the contrast between the dark foot and leg and the white cone.


To re-vist that cake shot – the slice of cake looks similar to a ramp – yet the use of the cake contrasts to its usual use. In my opinion the photo is simple (even childish and playful) and it stands out and “pleases” because it it delightfully different.


And one more Brock photo!


brock davis

I love this photo too.


You can see the broccoli looks similar to a tree yet the broccoli use  (as home for a tree house) contrasts with its usual use as something to eat.



I have lots of friends who are talented photographers – far more talented than I am.


I hope my skill is the ability to see and appreciate the work of others – and break it down into “teachable steps”.


I look forward to my son’s creative photos!


Also I welcome your comments about the photos above and what pleases YOU in photos.





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