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Creative Chemistry – Great creative business and project names – The Sermonators and Stratejoy

August 4, 2015

I Wanna Be Creative!

In recent posts I shared about how creative word play can help you get media and audience attention and help you establish a niche offering expressed in your niche way.

Creative Chemistry

I  outlined an easy and fun 3-step formula for Creative Chemistry :

1. take something you are passionate about

2. creatively play with the wording – puns work well

3. add the element of contrast to make your offering interesting and intriguing.

Creativity expert Sam Horn loves fun word play – like the title of her book Tongue Fu. Creative pun-sters often can’t help themselves in using puns – but Sam has plenty of examples how word play gets attention and helps you create a fun brand.

Also Intrigue is a powerful word for Sam – and her brand is as the  intrigue expert. (links below if you’re intrigued to want to find out…

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