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Do you like bad pun movie names – like Zombeavers?

February 23, 2014

Zombeavers Movie

Do you love puns? Do you love “bad” movies?  – Movies that are so “bad” – they are fun to watch!

My son loves “bad” movies – especially ones with “bad” pun names.

He is determined to be a movie director when he grows up and keeps  walking around “looking at life through a viewfinder” and quoting lines from the young film-makers in the movie SUPER 8.

Lines like: “Mint!” and “Production Value!”

super8_movie filming

Now, Super 8 is a great movie about kids who make a “bad” movie about zombies! What is it abut kids loving zombies??

O mint


Anyway, this morning I couldn’t wait to tell him about the bad-pun/”bad”movie combo called Zombeavers about Zombie Beavers!

At breakfast, my boy shared with me how he and his mates at school like to come up with bad-pun movies names.


He loved the name Sharktopus and he and his  school mates riffed on the name to create other combo-creatures such as: giraffe-topus and croc-topus.

I was very impressed with the name Croctopus!

Croc blends perfectly with Octopus.

In fact, when I searched on line I found lots of other creative types had come up with their own  Croctopus creations – “home movies” – and even mock movie posters.


At least, I think they are “mock”. These days it’s hard to tell if something is related to a real movie – or some digital creation that looks real.

To be honest when I first saw the Zombeavers poster I had to check if it was for a real movie!


Yes we are just a couple of pun-loving word nerds who crack each other up with our clever creations!

What’s your favourite pun movie name? Please share in the comments below.

Also, please let me know if Croctopus is a real movie. These days it’s hard to tell!!


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