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Can YOU think of celebrity zombie names? – like ZomBieber or ZomBeyonce?

February 23, 2014


This post follows yesterday’s post about the bad-pun Movie name – Zombeavers.

Zombeavers Movie

Yes – it’s a “real” movie about Zombie Beavers.

My pun-loving son, Orlando, and I love making up silly wordplay stuff.


On our way to school today we started riffing on what celebrity names could go well with Zombie – to create Zombie Celebrities – modelled on the Zombeaver name.

Zom-Bieber! – Orlando suggests with a cheeky grin on his face.

Zom-Beyonce! I add.

Zom-Biancotti! my 6-year-old daughter joins in – sounding impressed with her cleverness.

It’s  a celebrity name – but our family name does sounds like a good pun. – starting with a “Bee” sound to fit with ZomBEE.

The kids have a good ear for wordplay!

Cleo wink

(This is Cleo’s wink! – she doesn’t have an eye problem)

I’m very happy at her penchant for the pun and  creativity!

Anyway – this was just a just a silly word play activity.

Please share in the comments section below:

  • what Zombie Celebrity names can you think of
  • do you have any other wordplay activities you like to do with your kids or friends

Here’s link the original post about the Zombeavers movie:

Do you like bad-pun movie names – like Zombeavers?

Zombeavers Movie


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  1. Reblogged this on I Wanna Be Creative! and commented:

    Reposting this for US Halloween. All the Zombies and werewolves around our neighbourhood reminded me of this earlier post.

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