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My son’s awesome idea for a movie scene!

January 27, 2013

Don’t you love it when your kids or friends  or students come up with creative ideas that make you so proud of them?

Don’t you love it when they “get it” (what you’ve been encouraging them to do) and they end up teaching you how to do stuff?

Those moments when the “student” teaches the “teacher”!

I’m so proud of my 8-year-old son Orlando this morning.

I’ve posted before about how he told me how he wants to be a movie director and this morning he told me (and acted out to me) a fantastic opening scene for a movie.

(Link at the end of this post)

Orlando and I have a learning ritual where we watch the crucial first scene of a movie and discuss what the scene tells us.

(Link about this ritual – at the end of this post)

Anyway, here’s the idea for a great opening scene – my son described to me. Now in the photo he is just acting. Everything is fine! Don’t be alarmed by the excellent acting!

O opening scene ides

The scene was inspired by how he was playing this morning. It’s a rainy day in Brisbane and Orlando and his little sister are playing. She loves to get out her pink plastic “Medical Kit” and pretends to be a doctor – Doctor Cleo.

I walk in the room and Orlando says:

“Hey Dad, I’ve got a great idea for a movie scene. Imagine the movie starts with a little girl playing doctor and patient with her brother. The brother has a sore tummy and the little girl says:


 I know the problem  –  you’re going to have a baby!


The audience laughs – then this creature bursts out of his belly – sort of like Alien but different!


At first the scene all seems so peaceful and funny – then the shock of the Alien bursting out!

What do you think dad?”


Apparently, lots of his  schoolfriends are always talking about movies like Alien and Predator. “Facehugger” aliens seem to fascinate boys!

I’m impressed with Orlando’s imagination – and his confidence – and how he seems to “get it” about movie scenes…and surprises!  Taking the audience one way – then a sudden shift in another direction!

He even had ideas for the “dialogue” and humour. I love how he thought about the funny line about  a little girl thinking a boy could have a baby! Then a scary “baby”  monster bursts out!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this as soon as possible.

I must say that Orlando  also loves the fact that he inspires blog posts and  he gives me ideas for OUR blogs.

He even sits with me after I have written a draft and he’ll tell me things like – “You need a question mark there!”

The blog is a great way to get my son involved and to “learn” by “teaching” me stuff!

So proud of my son – and I must confess, even a little bit proud of myself for making learning fun!

Here are those links I mentioned earlier.

Orlando announces that he wants to be a movie director:

Our study and talk about  the crucial first scene  ritual:

So who is writing this?

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