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A Phil Dunphy-style (Modern Family) “creative moment” – can 3D glasses be used at the beach?

January 14, 2013

Don’t you love how Phil Dunphy comes up with “idiotic” and infantile creative ideas that he thinks are really cool?

I love how HE thinks he is so creative!

WWPDD copy.001

I must confess I had a bit of a “Phil Dunphy moment” at the beach with my kids.

I forgot to bring my sunglasses in our beach bag – but I did have some 3D glasses from when I went to see Life of Pi in 3D.

So I improvised Phil-style.

3D glasses look a bit like sunglasses. I wondered if they could shade the eyes.

3d glasses at beach

Then I had all sorts of “idiotic” (let’s be more polite and call it “child-like”) Phil-like thoughts.

  1. First  – I was worried  – what if the 3D magnify the intensity of the sun? I know 3D makes the movie ticket prices more intense! Would the sun be more intense too?
  2. Then, I wondered if they make the waves look more intense.
  3. Then, What about all the scantily-clad Brazilian and European tourists – what would they look through my 3D glasses?

I know it is expensive to make 3 D movies – 3D is usually reserved for big-budget projects.

I also pondered (and maybe you know the answers to this):

  1. Are there any 3D surf movies? I’d look awesome inside a barrel!
  2. Are there any 3D “adult” movies?
  3. Does Phil’s favourite movie Sharktopus come in 3D?

Please, let me know if you know the answers to any of the above!

Maybe 3D beach glasses would be a great Phil-like invention. Maybe the idea could make me a Phil-ionaire!


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