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Finding a great place to get you in a creative flow – getting started with “one true sentence”

January 9, 2013

It’s wonderful when you find a great place to “work” – a place that gets you in the right mood and a creative flow.

In my case, “work” is often writing and creating.

One of my favourite placed to get me in the mood for writing and creating is Hemingway’s at Manly.

hemingways hanging out

  • Great setting (across from the beach)
  • Lots of old-school wood and books (even the menus are inside books)
  • Great beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic! Plus all the food I have yet to try.

What I like best is  – the unobtrusive (yet available) service for those busy writing who like limited interruption – especially those striving to get started and in the flow by writing “one true sentence”.

Now, I am in no way connected with the place. I’m just a fan who drops in when I am in the area – usually on family beach vacations

This visit, I did get to chat to one of “the bearded ones” (Paul) and in my usual “reporter” style I had lots of questions including why younger guys seemed to want a Hemingway theme for their bar/café/restaurant. I also liked the way they even great beards and copied the Hemingway thick sweater look!

Hemingways beards

Paul said it was Hemingway’s gallivanting adventurous lifestyle that was so appealing to them.

Also Hemingway’s writing often celebrated (and described) food and drink.


Oh, dear –think of this has prompted Hemingway quotes and got me in the mood for oysters with that faint metallic taste and the taste of the sea!

Oh well, I think I’m in the right place to satisfy this craving!


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