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A Christmas-themed, Santa-inspired Creative way to hook attention – use Contrast and Curiosity

December 21, 2012


Like you, I get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of messages every day.

Like you, I’m busy – and only a very, very small percentage of messages hook my attention and action.

Here’s a real-life example of a tweet this morning that hooked my attention – and my action.

When I get “hooked” I like to analyze WHY a catchy headline or other technique worked.

When I break down the secret of success of the message that hooked my attention and my action – the message made me Curious – and it used the power of Contrast – things that normally don’t go together.

The message was about SANTA and SALES.

At this time of year SANTA is on many people’s minds – but I’ve got hundreds of SANTA message that I don’t pay attention to.

What hooked my attention was – the unlikely Contrast that created a compelling Curiosity – wondering what’s SANTA got to do with SALES.

I’m interested in SALES CALLS and I’ve been busy making several “SALES-type phone calls” this week. (SALES CALLS can of course be meetings too)

Anyway, Curiosity from the unlikely Contrast compelled me to stop and click through to this article by Jill Konrath – Does Playing Santa Work in Selling?

I’m glad I did. It’s a good message about not unloading all the “toys in your Santa sack” – but instead finding out what your client has on their LIST. Be more targetted!

Anyway,  Jill says it best in her article – here.

Good article Jill – and great attention-hooking angle and headline!

And remember – when YOU want to Hook your audience’s attention – create Compelling Curiosity through the power of unlikely Contrast.

I must go – I have some more-targeted sales calls to make – and I won’t unload ALL the “toys in my Santa Sack”!

So who is writing this?

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti and I can help you harness your creativity and hook attention with lots of tips from everyday life for  boosting creativity and hooking attention in everyday situations.

I can also help you improve your presentations and business writing.

I can share with you practical and easy-to-apply tips I’ve gathered over many years working as a:

  • TV journalist
  • political speechwriter
  • lawyer
  • blogger
  • musician and performer
  • coach and trainer in persuasionpositive messagespresenting and better e-mail and business writing.

I’m also a very busy dad and husband juggling my work and travel with family life and our two wonderful kids – Orlando and Cleo.

You can contact me on    or on Linked In or Facebook. Tony is of course short for Anthony .



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