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Inspired by Phil from Modern Family – how can YOU create a “crunchy surprise” for your loved ones?

November 16, 2012

As you may know – this blog was partly inspired by “cool dad” and “crazy fun” dad Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

Do you have a “Crunchy Surprise”?  A Crunchy Surprise can help in so many ways! 

For my son Orlando – and for me – Friday is our favourite day of the “work/school” week.

Friday is our “Fun Friday”.

Every  “school day” my son and I drive across the other side of town from where we live to a school that better suits my son’s learning needs.

To be honest, the long drives to and from the school can be a  real grind – but we make the most of the long drives – by breaking the week down into different “days”.

Friday is “Fun Friday” and sometimes “Favourite things Friday”.


We also  have a Friday ritual –  Photo Friday – where my son takes photos of things that are important to him or things that I can write about in “our” blog (I do the words – he contributes the photography). This helps make the drives more interesting –  and we make the use of our time together. He loves that “his” photos are used in “our” Busy Dad to Better Dad and I Wanna Be Creative  blogs.

I’m busy driving the car – so he loves his  responsibility of taking the photos.

We also talk about one of our favourite shows Modern Family and how on Fridays we can give people  a “Crunchy Surprise!”

OK – what is a Crunchy Surprise?

We both love Modern Family and the silliness of “cool dad” Phil Dunphy!

The term comes from a Modern Family episode where Phil puts a potato chip in his son Luke’s  sandwich to make it a “Crunchy Surprise”.

When Luke bites into the sandwich – it’s a little surprise  – and it’s crunchy!

A crunchy surprise  can be a small, simple and an easy thing you do – like putting a potato chip in a sandwich.

It’s just a reminder that someone is thinking of us and wants to put a smile on our face!

Dad gets a “crunchy surprise”!

This morning after I dropped Orlando off at school, I was preparing to write a blog about a totally different topic and I got a crunchy surprise – a funny face photo he took of himself. (He doesn’t normally look like this)

Orlando’s funny face photo – a crunchy surprise that made me laugh!

Anyway, this Crunchy Surprise made me laugh – and it inspired this blog .

It made my day and reminded me this of how cool the crunchy surprise ritual is.

My wife Monique is  also getting into the  Crunchy Surprise ritual. She writes little funny notes and puts them in with Orlando’s lunch.

Sometimes I even find a funny note in my work computer bag – and I love it!

It’s a fun reminder that can cheer you up. It certainly cheers me up!

Now Orlando and I have to plot on our next drive (maybe the drive home this afternoon ) what crunchy surprise can we give to mum?

Here’s a link to “our” other blog – Busy Dad to Better Dad:


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  1. Made me laugh! PDunphy is a great model.

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