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A creative way to attract more people to your creative event – appeal to more senses

October 29, 2012

You can apply this simple yet effective technique to attract more people to your business (or social or school) event – Broaden the appeal by appealing to more senses.

I recently helped my son’s school promote an art show. They wanted to attract more people. My advice was to broaden the appeal – beyond just appealing to the sense of sight and beyond just showing the final product of static paintings on display. Add more colour and movement.

How do you add movement? By including artists creating art live. – the audience could see art being made and they could “check back in” during their visit to see how the art is developing.

What other senses could they appeal to during the event? Paintings and art mainly appeal to the sense of sight.

it was wonderful to watch this live demonstration and to be able to talk with this artist

So the organisers added things that would appeal to:

  • sound – music and talks (or being able to talk with and learn from real artists) + music – there was live music – parents (and students) playing live music
  • taste and smell – delicious food and drinks – especially treats that would fill the room with wonderful and  inviting smells
  • touch – there were lots of hands on activities where people could create their own art

Even the name went beyond the one sense of sight. Instead of just an art SHOW it became and art FEST – a festival, a celebration!

Also, instead of people just seeing the finished “products” (the art works) – they got to see art being made with a painter and a sculptor creating their art before our eyes.

So, well done to the organisers for going to the extra effort of broadening the appeal of the event.

You can do the same with your event by thinking how can you bring in more senses?

Provide things your audience can see, hear, feel, taste and smell!

Let your audience be able to see the process and be able to learn and ask questions. What hands on activities can you add?

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