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How you can creatively cross-pollinate and “connect the dots”

October 10, 2012

How you can cross-pollinate between different projects and creatively connect the dots.

Hollywood and Facebook Exec Chris Adams has worked in creative industries at the highest levels. He was responsible for green lighting movie projects such as Syriana and An Inconvenient Truth.

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec

He understands both the creative and business sides of the creative industries.

Every time I catch up with Chris to capture videos for a project called The Chris Adams Project, I’m amazed at how many projects he has on the boil at the same time.

I’m keen to learn so much from him – about business and creativity and balancing both.

I was keen to learn from Chris whether it is better to focus all your energy into one project at a time OR to have a range of projects that actually cross-pollinate each other.

In his video response Chris:

  • Warns about the dangers of getting too busy and spreading yourself too thin
  • Shares how he has learned from experience and how he is very cautious these days in picking a range of projects that complement each other
  • Shares about the benefits of a well chosen range of projects

As you may be aware, I have several projects and interests that seem to cross-pollinate each other and I seem to harness Chris’s experience for different projects.

The projects include:

  1. The Chris Adams Project where we capture Chris’s biz-dom (business wisdom)
  2. I Wanna Be Creative – exploring Creativity
  3. Busy Dad to Better Dad – tips for busy business/corporate dads (and mums) who want to be better and more engaged parents
  4. Pro Bono Bono – using the communication techniques of U2’s Bono to help good causes spread their messages

Thanks again Chris for sharing your experience and your advice on how to pick complementary projects that cross-pollinate each other!

If you enjoyed Chris’s tips and warnings – here are links to other contributions Chris has made to different projects:




If you are new to this blog

Who is writing this?

I’m Tony Biancotti – an Australian  journalist turned communication consultant and I learn lots from former Hollywood exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams (who now lives in Brisbane). Chris and I catch up every month or so and I capture his views (on business, presenting, pitching etc) on camera. I write the text (my opinion)  in these posts and Chris gives his opinion in the video.

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