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A creative way to get your kids out of bed on a cold morning

August 29, 2012

Do you have trouble getting your kids out of bed in the morning?

I sure do and on cold winter’s days it’s the most difficult!

But that’s all changed now – at least with my son 8-year-old Orlando

I’d tried everything – getting cranky, taking off his blankets when I’d ask him to get up (so he couldn’t warm and comfortable again).

But then a breakthrough! His teacher shared with my wife and me that my son Orlando learned by working on projects. Also, if he is given specific tasks as part of a team – he liked to do “his bit” of a project or task.

Also he’s a great kid and he wants to do things to help his mum and dad.

So now, every morning Orlando gets out of bed voluntarily – to make me a coffee.

Now, I usually drink strong and sweet stovetop espresso – but I also get Orlando to make me his special instant coffee!

(Don’t tell him but I still make myself an espresso – but I also get him to make me his super-delicious instant coffee!

He has his own secret way – apparently it’s putting in the milk and sugar first then adding the coffee and water last and then stirring it clockwise and then anti-clockwise

So instead of burrowing under the blankets, Orlando now gets out of bed voluntarily to make his special coffee for me. It’s so touching and so amazing how understanding this has helped me solve the problem of getting him out of bed. Now I just have to find a way to encourage his little sister!


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