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How you can create an effective business name

August 28, 2012

A sign for this business caught my eye as I drove past its Kenmore “branch”.

The sign actually only said COZmedics (not the explanation underneath)

In my opinion the name COZmedics  is: catchy, memorable, intriguing,  and ripe with meaning.

What clues does the name give you about this business?

For me, without ever having heard of the business before, this creative name suggested it’s about cosmetics – but cosmetics with some medical value.

Cosmetics + medical = Cosmedics.

Even more, the OZ in the name– suggests some Australian angle.

And sure enough when I checked out what the business actually did – it’s the Australian Cosmetic Medical group.

I’m not connected with COZmedics in any way – and I’m just using the example as a creative name.

It’s interesting – some people (like me) will be impressed by the creativity. Others will think it’s corny or gimmicky.

One of my “creativity heroes” is an American Intrigue expert Sam Horn. I reckon Sam would dig this name because it captures attention and it intrigues you to want to find out more.- – well it certainly did in my case!

Sam (for Samantha) has lots of memorable tips. She says as well as using Spell Check, she advocates Spell Chuck – where you chuck out conventional spelling and create your own to create a name that established your niche.

I reckon COZmedics is a good example of the advantages of chucking out conventional spelling. Another, strong reason for creating your own spelling is that the conventionally spelled name may already be registered or taken!

Another name that caught my eye when I was driving was a business called Avant Card – a business that puts advertising messages on things like postcards.

So if you need a business name and you would like to stand out and intrigue (and if you are avant-garde enough!) dare to create your own name ripe with meaning, have fun with word play and as Sam Horn says employ the Spell Chuck!

Here is a link to Sam sharing how you can dare to be innovative in creating an intriguing name like the SNUBA. (Warning: Sam likes word play and puns!)


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