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Some fun Star Wars jokes from our fun creative wordplay car trips

August 21, 2012

Today I’m driving my son across town to his school and we are stuck in traffic  – as usual.

I see lots of other parents taking their kids to school. It saddens me to see so many kids just sitting there with their headphones on – not talking with their parents. Their parents looked like sad, zombie “taxi drivers”.

I’m very grateful that my 8-year-old son Orlando is not yet at that detached kid stage and I hope that he will avoid being a detached kid.

In previous posts I’ve shared how Orlando and I have fun playing all sorts of creativity and wordplay games.

I started off being the one who initiated the “games” – now he wants to do it and I let him pick what subjects we riff on.

He knows we both are big Star Wars fans so he wants to make up some cool things to do with Star Wars – new products and jokes.

O with some stormtroopers. That’s not me inside one of those suits – honest

So we start with some jokes. (Now I suspect some of these are not original – but Rule Number 1 with these “games” – Don’t shut down creativity, encourage it!)


Orlando (O): How does Yoda get through traffic, Dad?

Answer (A): On his M-Yoda-bike!



O: What sort of car does he drive?

Dad: a Millennium Falcon? I attempt – using my Dad logic and Star Wars knowledge

O: No, a Toy-Yoda!



Dad: How does Yoda sound when he sings?

A: He Yoda-ells!




O.K. Let’s move on to inventing some new Yoda products Orlando suggests!


Dad: Yoda lives in a swamp and he gets pretty smelly – what product could he use to fight the smell?

A: A de-Yoda-rant!



O: What sort of phone would he use?

A:  A Yoda-phone



O.K. I know the jokes may be a bit lame but we’re laughing at our own brilliance 😉 and at least we are not like the kids with the headphones not wanting to even talk to their zombie “taxi driver” parents!

Maybe we should get a Toy-Yoda!


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  1. Anne McKenna permalink

    Cute jokes Tony. My daughter is a huge Star Wars fans, so I’ll share them with her. Cute stormtrooper photo, too (are you sure that’s not you?!). In my ‘Family’ FB album, check out the picture of Clare with not only a stormtrooper but Darth Vader (her favourite) from a few years ago. She was so excited – it was like she’d seen a rock star! Note the way she’s holding her hands!

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