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More creativity lessons (and fun) inspired by the Olympics

August 15, 2012

In a recent post I shared about the benefits of riffing on the Olympics theme to come up with new -Lympic words – especially for events and activities.

My son Orlando (fresh from an Olympic-inspired  sports day) came up with events such as:

  • the Yo-Yolympics for the best performers of Yo-Yo tricks
  • the Row-lympics for the best rowers
  • the Blow-lympics to see who can blow the best bubbles
  • the Snow-lympics fopr skiing and snowboarding

I encourage my son to create “new ideas” and I don’t shut down his creativity – ‘though I suspect certain expressions may have already been created by other creative types with a sense of fun and word play.

I was curious to check on-line to see what other Olympic-themed names of events had been created and I found some fun stuff I’d like to share.

The first is the Snowlympics. I particularly love the logo with a fun and playful suggestion of the Olympic rings. Clever isn’t it?

I also asked some of my Facebook friends to see what they could come up with and suggestions included:

Throwlympics – competitions for chucking stuff (like boots of fish as they do in some Australian towns) Maybe even cabers!

and Bro-lympics which would be a Kiwi version.

I found on-line a couple of interesting takes on Brolympics.

I found another Olympic themed event  I thought was very clever – The Sew-lympics for sewing enthusiasts.

There were several takes on sewlympics. Such crazy punsters – they’ll have you in stitches!

I’d like to leave you with one of my favourite Olympic inspired events – the Faux-lympics. I know the ABC  used this term – also a UK ad organisation used the term complete with wonderful parody logo! Such creative types in advertising – but you don’t have to be in advertising to have some fun with creative word play. Who knows you may coin a  creative new name for your next event. Let the creativity games begin!



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