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Creativity lessons from The Olympics

August 12, 2012

The Olympics is a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids (and even yourself) about creativity.

My son’s school has been teaching all about the importance of the Olympics (like thousand of schools around the world) and I felt privileged to take the day off from working to enjoy a sports day with events I never knew were “Olympic” events – like the sack race and the egg and spoon race.


so much to learn from the Olympics!

My family and I got up early to enjoy the Opening Ceremony and it was an excellent opportunity to watch the performance creativity of the spectacle.

Our family favourite was  the orchestra playing Chariots of Fire with the special guest performer Rowan Atkinson. As a result – now when my son plays keyboards he tends to copy Rowan Atkinson and feign boredom (looking at his watch and yawning) like Atkinson did when playing that one note in Chariots of Fire.

Even the creative car time I’ve written about in previous posts had an Olympic theme where my son Orlando and  I “riffed” on the word Olympics to see what other cool titles we could come up with.

Now I know the Olympics brand is protected and monitored so to the Olympic rights enforcers – this is just a creativity game. My son and I haven’t created these “sporting events” that could threaten the Olympics 🙂

If you have kids you should try games like this with them. If you run a business or an event (especially one connected with activity) you can use this riffing process too.

My son gets so excited with his “inventions and ideas” – I have no idea where he gets it from!

The Blow-lympics! Orlando blurts – a big event to see who can blow the best bubbles.

The Cow-lympics I add as we work our way through the alphabet – could be a rodeo or a cow competition. Not a perfect rhyme – but still a fun pun on the word.

The ABC had a fun event the Faux-lympics. So ABC!  Great name! Great opportunity to explain to my son what “faux” means (and how to pronounce and  it!)

The Hoe-lympics – Orlando says – a competition to see who is the fastest at digging with a hoe. I secretly think of other applications of the name – but politely nod in encouragement.

The Mo-lympics to see who has the best moustache Orlando (O) adds. (mmm I think Mo-vember is such a big hit – good idea!)

Some of Orlando’s  proudest “creations”: (I’m sure other people have thought of them before – but hey, it’s all about encouraging!)

The Row-lympics to see who is the fastest rower.

The Snow-lymics for skiing and snowboarding. (I mention to my son  there is the Winter Olympics but maybe we could submit that they use his “cooler” name – the Snow-lympics.

I’m curious to see which names like this have been taken. I am aware of strict enforcement of anything to do with Olympics – but I’ll check and get back to you in a future post.

We finish with a fun event idea the Yo-Yo-lympics – to see who is the best  in the world at Yo-yo tricks.

“ Is it Yo-yo Ma?” Orlando suggests with a cheeky grin. (He heard of Yo-Yo Ma from a Modern Family Joke I had to explain to him – a gag where Phil asks a question before answering his phone with something that sounds like hello)

What instrument does Yo-Yo Ma play? 


See, Modern Family, word play, silly  “dad” jokes and car creativity time have educational value!


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