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How the town of Yass could bring in lots of Yasss business



This post was inspired by two things:

  1. an article using the affirmative word  Yasss


2. a Seth Godin speech about a town in Washington State that drew attention and tourist dollars by building something unusual and exceptional – a giant lava lamp.



As you may be aware – Yasss is an enthusiastic way of saying YES.


It can have a variety of spellings with a variety of As and Ss –  depending on your level of enthusiasm and it’s used to express favor of someone’s style or appearance. I believe it was first used by an excited fan of Lady Gaga and was initially associated with use by gay men. The expression had gone more mainstream as a modern form of excited approval.

The Seth Godin inspiring speech about the giant lava lamp that draws tourist made me think of how the Australian town of YASS could benefit by having an event like the YASS  YAAASS festival. Maybe there already is one. Parkes has its Elvis festival that draws tourist and tourist dollars.




YASS is mainly associated with a meme about its Macdonald’s sign. If it wanted to, YASS could easily benefit from its name.






Its all over for the apostrophe?

This post was inspired by seeing this TV commercial go to air – a commercial the business would have paid good money to make and screen on TV. Maybe, its just not good enough. Or maybe well have to accept that its the way of modern communication. Thats my professional opinion. Id value your opinion in the comments below.


Part of me is amazed and disappointed that this mistake (its instead of it’s – a contraction of ‘it is’ OR “it has’ ) could slip through and end up in a TV commercial.

Another part of me accepts with a shrug that many writers (especially in the future) will not bother about using apostrophes.

I think that a big factor in the demise of the correct use of apostrophes will be caused by the smartphone and smart devices typing screens.



To get to the apostrophe and other punctuation you have to switch to a separate screen.

IMG_5669 2.JPG


Many writers are too busy (or too lazy) to go to the effort of switching to a different typing screen and will just type messages without using apostrophes or even end punctuation like question marks and exclamation marks or even full stops (periods in the US).

even bothering to use capital letters to start sentences


maybe im being a little too pessimistic

after all ill admit that the same screen with the apostrophe also has other vital punctuation marks so important to modern communication       😉   & @


well have to wait and see



Why you fell for the Madmen look?

Sentimental as Anything


Sometimes you just look at  something and you dig it.  It’s love at first sight. You may not know why – but you fall in love with the look. It connects with something you already like – something deep inside you.

I must have been so influenced at a young age by posters for movies like Vertigo.

My mum worked as as movie  “usherette”  – so from an early age I’d be at the movies   absolutely love the movies, milkshakes and movie posters and great poster art work – like this:


Later when “I fell for” the music of the White Stripes I also loved the look and the art work.

I love the whole White Stripes music and culture package – links to retro but with a modern edge.(well modern for back then when they were big!) I still dig them.


Then when Mad…

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The Doors Poetic Blues: The Cars Hiss By My Window

Here’s what we can all learn from the ‘poetic lyrics’ style of Jim Morrison and the song “The Cars Hiss by my Window”.




The Doors enjoyed playing the Blues – but they would often take the basic blues further – sonically and lyrically.

One of my favourite Doors songs is a lesser-known song “The Cars Hiss by my Window”. from LA Woman. It sounds so basic and bluesy –  yet has quite ‘evolved’ and poetic lyrics and the typical Doors darkness. It’s like Blues Noir.

As you may know, Jim Morrison considered himself foremostly a poet  – who had to perform as a front man in a group that exploded on the music scene. You can really notice the poetic devices in this song.


IMG_5504 2

  1. Onomatopoeia – where a word sounds like what it describes –  in this case, hiss.       Hiss is a more unusual word choice and more specific. After I first heard this song, I tried harder to listen to the sound of traffic and use more specific words to describe what I heard. Sometimes traffic sounds like a deep oooohm..sometimes it’s a rattle… and yes, at night after rain on the roads, cars definitely HISS as they pass by.
  2. the comparison to ‘waves down on the beach’ – a simple simile – yet quite ‘poetic’.
  3.  the contrast – the girl is ‘beside me, but she’s out of reach’


To me, this song is very ‘visual’. You can see in your mind’s eye – the headlights through the window and shining on the wall.

And the last verse has that typical ‘Doors darkness’. I won’t spoil the end of the songs for you. I encourage you to find it and listen to it yourself.


Ride on!


If you’re interested in seeing more – here’s a link to the Facebook page of  Writers on the Storm:

Writers on the Storm





Do you like bad pun movie names – like Zombeavers?

I Wanna Be Creative!

Zombeavers Movie

Do you love puns? Do you love “bad” movies?  – Movies that are so “bad” – they are fun to watch!

My son loves “bad” movies – especially ones with “bad” pun names.

He is determined to be a movie director when he grows up and keeps  walking around “looking at life through a viewfinder” and quoting lines from the young film-makers in the movie SUPER 8.

Lines like: “Mint!” and “Production Value!”

super8_movie filming

Now, Super 8 is a great movie about kids who make a “bad” movie about zombies! What is it abut kids loving zombies??

O mint


Anyway, this morning I couldn’t wait to tell him about the bad-pun/”bad”movie combo called Zombeavers about Zombie Beavers!

At breakfast, my boy shared with me how he and his mates at school like to come up with bad-pun movies names.


He loved the name Sharktopus and he and his  school mates riffed…

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Jim Morrison and post-it note poetry: 1 of 3

I Wanna Be Creative!

Writing a whole poem can be intimidating – so I encourage budding writers to write just one line at a time – even just a few words.

If a blank page or blank screen seems intimidating – just write a few words on a small post-it note.

IWB IMG_4207

I’m a huge fan of the words – the poetic lyrics and lyrical poetry – of Jim Morrison from The Doors. I often encourage writers to start off by emulating one of the many devices he used and jot down their words on a post-it note.

For example, I love the use of alliteration in the line from the song “People are Strange”:

Women seem Wicked When you’re unWanted

Try it yourself.

You can start off using Women seem…   as a creative catalyst and use words with alliteration – repeating the same consonant sound – even if it appears as an accented…

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Waiting IN the sun – post-it note poetry #writing exercise

Yes, this post was inspired by the Doors song Waiting FOR the Sun – and it’s designed to improve your creativity and descriptive powers.

doors IMG_5397 2

This exercise is best practiced in Winter or Autumn where you:

  • sit in the ‘cooler’ sun
  • close your eyes
  • concentrate on experiencing with other senses ( e.g. hearing or feeling or smell)
  • describe in original terms what you are experiencing

When you close your eyes, your other senses often become more acute.

If you like, you can listen ‘deeply and purposefully’ to music and try to express what you hear.

doors IMG_5398

In the 1980s, when I started to ‘get into’ the music of the Doors, I’d often listen to songs like “Waiting for the Sun’ and ‘really listen’ (focussing on the music – not just having it as background).

I still practice this Waiting in the Sun exercise – listening to deeply to Waiting For The Sun – as a warm-up for when I embark on a writing task. I find it sharpens the senses as I listen to:

  1. the soft/loud contrast in the soft lines then the bigger/fuller riffs
  2. the harmonised backing vocals that add to the ‘Waiting…waiting’ part
  3.  the effectiveness of the repeated ‘waiting..waiting’ – where, as listeners, we must wait through repetition.

Yes, I find the Doors inspiring and I encourage you to try this exercise and ‘listen deeply and purposefully’ to this song (if you haven’t experienced it already).


If you’re interested in seeing more – here’s a link to the Facebook page of  Writers on the Storm:

Writers on the Storm



Just as a point of trivia, this song was not on the album “Waiting for the Sun” – but on the subsequent Morrison Hotel album.






Reach for risky rhymes – try now you can only lose – Jim Morrison and Post-it note poetry

I Wanna Be Creative!

You may know one of The Doors most popular songs “Light My Fire” – but do you know Jim Morrison hated singing it?

IWB IMG_4207

Lots of bands end up loathing their big hit songs. Plus, most of the song was written by guitarist Robby Krieger. Jim contributed the second verse (according to my research, anyway).

In my opinion, you can tell Jim’s writing style from that verse’s “more unusual and risky rhymes”.

Whereas the first uses fairly well-known words to rhyme with fire – liar and higher, the second verse uses ‘wallow in the mire’ and ‘funeral pyre’.

Interestingly, some critics of Light my Fire complained that the song was too pretentious for using words like ‘pyre’.

Anyway, I implore you, I adjure you – reach for the risky rhyme.

Being such an avid reader (and writer), Jim had a large vocabulary to draw upon and he certainly used it. It wasn’t just…

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Jim Morrison – Mr Mojo Risin’ and post-it note poetry – what mysteries are locked inside your name? 2 of 3

I Wanna Be Creative!

What mysteries are locked inside the letters of your name?

In part 1, I shared how some writers – like Jim Morrison – enjoyed making anagrams (rearranging letters to create new words or phrases).

IMG_4228 2

Mr Mojo Risin’ is an anagram of Jim Morrison – words he included in his lyrics for LA Woman.

As a big fan of The Doors, I use anagram making as a creative kickstarter activity for writers in writing session with Writers on the Storm – an Australian writers group that appreciates the poetic lyrics and lyrical poetry of Jim Morrison.

IMG_4276 3Writers on the Storm also shares  videos of Doors songs and images of artworks inspired by The Doors and Mr Mojo Risin’

You can access these videos and images freely on youtube and google images – but this page ‘curates’ quirky Doors-related words and images ‘treasures to be dug’.

IMG_4252 3

Anyway, I encourage you to find out what…

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Jim Morrison and post-it note poetry – what mysteries are locked inside your name? 1 of 3

I Wanna Be Creative!

Mr Mojo Risin’! Mr Mojo Risin’!

I remember, when I was first getting into music and lyrics of The Doors in the 1980s,  the joy of discovering that the words Mr Mojo Risin’ (from the lyrics of LA Woman) were an anagram of J-I-M  M-O-R-R-I-S-O-N.

An anagram is where you take the letters from a word or phrase and re-arrange them to make new words or phrases.

Jim ‘cheated’ a bit – but that was his style to break on through the rules!

You’ll note it had to be RISIN’ – no G!

Still, those words sounded good and there was a story behind them. A mystery to be unlocked. A discovery to be made. Treasures to be dug.

IMG_4227 2

I can imagine Jim with a notebook taking his name apart and reforming it.

I can imagine his delight when discovering: Mr Mojo Risin’

What mysteries are locked inside your name?

Later in…

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